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  • 1 h
  • $350 per area
  • Gunn Highway

Service Description

PCDC Lipodissolve with EMS massage When it comes to stubborn fat pockets, lipodissolve mesotherapy treatments can assist by reducing fat cells in those areas. Also called Lipolysis, this form of Mesotherapy involves injecting fat dissolving medication such as Phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC) micro-injections which are injected locally into the targeted treatment areas. The fat cells absorb the PCDC and become slightly inflamed and then harden. The hardened fat cells break down within a few weeks and are eliminated via the body’s natural processes. How is lipoDissolve performed? PCDC is injected into the fat layers. The injection is relatively painless, with no need for anesthesia. The medication produces a chemical reaction to dissolve localized areas of fat. Typically, benefits are seen within three weeks of the treatment. Several treatments, four to six weeks apart, are often required to produce the maximum result. Lipodissolve injections are not meant to replace healthy diet and exercise however, they are purported to reduce excess fat in small, localized areas of the body. Areas treated with PCDC lipodissolve include: (no more than 50 mls per treatment area at one session) 1 area= 4in x 4in section Inner and outer thighs love handles Upper and lower back Abdomen Jowls Back of arms Not everyone is considered a candidate for Lipodissolve. This procedure should not be performed in pregnant women, nursing mothers, obese individuals or people with diabetes, autoimmune diseases, vascular (blood vessel) complications or infections of any kind. Lipodissolve side effects and warnings Lipodissolve can be dangerous and must be carefully administered and monitored by a licensed medical professional. It is important that your provider monitors for potential side effects and adverse reactions. Reported side effects can include: Expected side effects: Redness, Bruising, Soreness, Swelling. Adverse: Infection, Itching, at the injection sites. Uneven body contouring and shaping. Formation of scars, lumps or hard spots near the injection sites, which can be painful. Numbness or tingling at the injection sites. Fat migration Before your appointment Prior to your appointment, refrain from taking part in certain activities like massage, sauna and general sports and exercise for 3-4 days post treatment. Additionally, for some patients, hematomas / bruising may occur. This will disappear 2-6 weeks after treatment.

Cancellation Policy

This is regarding booked spa services only, this does not apply to Spa Parties or special sales events. To avoid a "no show" fee that will be sent via invoice for $25, please call to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before your appointment. We value your time and pride ourselves on providing our clients with a personalized experience. We take special care to prepare your room for you and require appropriate notification of cancellation. This notice also applies to those with Groupon vouchers who no call no show for their initial and subsequent appointments. After 2nd no call/ no show you can no longer book services with us.

Contact Details

  • Belizima Aesthetics & Wellness, Gunn Highway, Tampa, FL, USA

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